Traveling is definitely a love of mine. I dream of somewhere to go, plan the trip and I just make it happen. So of course when my family decided to head down to Florida this year for vacation, I planned on driving separately and stopped in Savannah and Charleston on my way back. I had shoots scheduled in both places, but of course had to take advantage of some sightseeing and shopping. Below are some of the places I visited, loved and recommend! Enjoy! : ) 
I've fallen in love with paperie's over the last year. They're one of my new favorite types of shops and are always so fun to incorporate into my business. Mac & Murphy is a local papery in Charleston so next time you visit, make sure to stop in! It's the cutest little shop and owned by the sweetest girls!
The Park Cafe is a little out of the way but was soo worth the trip!
Moon & Lola is a photographer's dream with all white walls and pops of color accented throughout the store. Plus who doesn't love a good monogram accessory? Girls, this is a must-visit!
By now, y'all know that I am obsessed with candles. Candlefish is quite possibly one of the coolest stores I've ever visited. They offer candle-making classes and sell a ton of different types of candles, accessories, prints and more!
The architecture and historic buildings have me swooning no matter how many times I visit!
So for all you coffee lovers out there, for every new place you visit, I dare you to try new coffee shops. They're all so darling and no one can ever have enough caffeine, especially on a Monday morning. Am I right?
The waterfront is one of my favorite spots. There are always kids splashing around in this super charming fountain and lots of runners and walkers enjoying the fresh air. It's a little tourist-y but definitely somewhere I recommend.
Whenever you visit Charleston you HAVE to catch a ride on a carriage tour. The Old South Carriage company is one I highly recommend. It's one of the best ways to see Charleston without walking for miles (especially during the summer when it's 100 degrees), is perfect for snapping beautiful pictures, making memories and they tell you all about the historic town of Charleston, which is so cool! It's so worth every penny.
I finished my Charleston trip off with a visit to the Angel Oak. I've been dying to see it but since it's on John's Island and not technically in Charleston, it can be quite a drive. BUT the drive is beautiful and the oak is just mind-blowing. It's something free to add to your itinerary!
Things I recommend that aren't pictured:
Places to eat/grab coffee:
  • TBonez Gill & Grill
  • Ben & Jerry's
  • Southend Brewery & Smokehouse (The smokehouse salad is the *best* salad I've ever had in my life and their peach Bellini and sangrias are AMAZING)
  • Belgian Gelato (King St)
  • The Daily (bomb coffee)
  • Kudu Coffee
Things to do:
  • Charleston Harbor Tours
  • Boone Hall and Plantation (Where part of The Notebook was filmed and worth every. single. penny to get in!)
  • Rainbow Row
  • Dock Street Theatre
  • White Point Garden
  • Four Corners
Places I still want to go:
  • Husk
  • Poogan's Porch
  • Folly Beach
  • Charleston Farmer's Market (if there during season on a Saturday)
  • Lost Dog Cafe
  • Magnolia Plantation and Gardens
  • Beardcats Sweet Shop



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It's a delight to see all of your captured photos. It seems like your having so much fun in all the itineraries you have that day. The candles definitely caught my attention. I've been obsessed with candles for quite some time now and I'm collecting different scents. Even the coffee looks fantastic and definitely tastes heavenly. I'm a coffee lover and I agree that trying different cafes is a great adventure. I'm looking forward to your adventures!

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