These two aren't only one of thee most attractive couples I've ever seen but they're also the most genuine people you'll ever meet. Spending a week with Hannah and Alec as I mentored Hannah was one of the greatest experiences and gaining two friends just made my time in Sarasota even more incredible. Hannah, you are so sweet and kind-hearted. You have the biggest heart for Jesus and I know that you're going to do such incredible things in not only the photography world but also for the kingdom of God. Alec, you love Hannah no matter what and you support her throughout every area of her life and your life together. Plus you make her laugh like crazy, which is always the best! :) Love you both so much and can't wait to see you again super soon!


"From my eyes, I was that cocky kid in high school that had everything figured out. I was a senior playing the top-dog of the school status, I was killing it in football, and had friends in all places. I was living life everyday thinking how could it ever get better than this. Then, just like any other Sunday, I went to morning church service. I mouthed the words to the songs, tried to keep my eyes open while the preacher preached, and then rushed to the parking lot to beat the traffic. Only this day, something happened. A girl I have never seen before approached me and asked if I would join their youth service. I usually would have said no immediately and been on my way but this girl was different. What was it about her? She was pure, she was beautiful, she was above this world. Looking at her that day, I still remember the freckles on her nose, her innocent brown eyes looking up at me. It was as if an angel of God stood before me. I still to this day call her my earth angel for all of those reasons. So, I took the angel’s number and a texting relationship began. Not to spoil anything for the reader but I never to did go to youth service, however I did take the earth angel out on a date. And then another. And yet another.

I cannot explain to you enough how immediate our connect and love was. Sure there were some bumps to get started, mainly me ridding of my enormous ego, but there came a point where something amazing happened. My girl Hannah saved me life. She saved me. I cannot imagine where I would be today without her. Because of my earth angel I took a stand against the pressures of this life and said NO. I tossed dead-beat friends out the door and the ones I kept I made it very clear that I am a Christian. This is always who I was meant to be. And that pretty girl over there named Hannah - she’s mine! The school knew it loud and clear.

Our story continues and we had amazing moments together. When I look back at it now it feels like a dream. A magical dream you never want to wake up from. My girl Hannah supported me. She never missed a football game high school or in college, she never put anyone or anything before me, she never let me walk away without me knowing how much she loved me. My girl Hannah is everything to me. Was then, is now.

My stars had aligned. God’s planned was revealed. On January 17th, 2014 I brought her into that very church where we met, got down on one knee, and asked her to be mine forever. And my earth angel said YES.

4 Months later we were saying our vows. We committed our lives to each other in marriage on May 25, 2014 in front of God, our families, and our friends. I know it is tacky to say, but it was the best day of my life. If you all could have seen my girl Hannah walk down that aisle in here white dress and the way she looked at me, you would know exactly what I am talking about. My earth angel Hannah brought me to life. She saves me everyday. I would be nothing without her. That is our story."

These two... My oh my. They were so fun to work with and the constant giggling, smiling and kissing just made this session even better! Photographer's know when two people have mad chemistry and Tyler + Alyssa, you two have it!! I can't wait to shoot with y'all again and just maybe it'll be over on the east coast ;)

"Tyler and I met on my first day of college cheer camp my freshman year at university. He was a quarterback, green eyed and from Texas. I was a cheerleader, blue eyed, and from Ohio. I'm pretty sure I fell in love with him as soon as he said, "hi I'm Tyler". I'll never forget the way he made me laugh the first day I met him; it was like we had known each other forever. 

We decided to the end the night at the Canton-famous Milk and Honey. We shared a coke float, and I was smitten. We stayed "just friends" between flirtations and the occasional hand holding, until October 1st. Our group of friends went to Chicago for a spontaneous weekend getaway. Tyler had stayed back at our friend's house while we visited some local sites, and when I returned to the house my friends directed me to walk down the steps. There was a trail of Hershey kisses leading all the way down the steps and a heart of Hershey kisses at the bottom with a card inside. I opened up the card and it read, "now that I've kissed the ground you walk on, will you please be my girlfriend?" Tyler ran out of nowhere, picked me up, and spun me around as I kissed him! I said yes. 

Our love journey of five and a half years has been amazing. After four years of college, spending every summer apart, moving to South Florida after graduation, landing our dream jobs, we have changed and grown in our own individual ways, as well as as a couple. He has helped me through the loss of several family members, moving away from my family, starting my career, and the many twists and turns life can bring. 

No matter what we go through, we always come out stronger. I love his strength and how dependable he is, how I know I never have to worry because together we will get through anything. He challenges me and keeps me accountable, and gently reminds me to "pray about it" when I'm feeling stressed. The best thing about Tyler is his ability to make me laugh, actually, to make ANYONE laugh. He just has this way about him that people are drawn to, and I am crazy about it! He works so hard in his career in the NHL, and I'm so proud of how passionate he is about sports and his goals. He supports me in my career as a trauma ICU nurse and helps me manage my life on the night shift while he works the day shift. Most importantly he loves his family and he loves God. The best word I could use to describe our relationship is JOY, and I am grateful to God for bringing this joy into my life."

- Alyssa
I can't get over the happiness... So much happiness.
Give me alllllll the blurry, intimate moments.
Because seriously though... What's more romantic than dancing on the beach at sunset?
It’s not every day that you come across someone with as much talent as Felicia. Not only is she insanely beautiful (regardless of the style or outfit), but she fearlessly takes on whatever challenge is thrown her way and embraces it with grace. Felicia, I’m SO excited to see where this life takes you, what journeys you adventure into and what ways God continues to use you. Never stop being you, love!

“I have always had a love for makeup and fashion, anything creative really. It allows me to express myself in many different ways. The reason behind the name MASH style is really simple, I love ALL styles so MASH was a fun way to say I like mashing different styles at different times. My motto for fashion and makeup has always been, "If you wear it with confidence, it works!" When I created a my Instagram and Facebook page, I just started posting what I like to wear and what makeup I use and it kind of took off from there. While I wait to get back to doing makeup again on the side, I've been enjoying being creative on social networks. That's why I finally started my YouTube channel. It's free rain there where I can talk about anything I want, because if you know me, you know I love to talk. I always push being yourself and being "you" bravely. There is no one else like you with your same abilities and that is something to run with! At MASH, I celebrate ALL women, and that will never change. Where I would like to see MASH go in the future is one day having my own makeup/fashion/photography studio. For now, YouTube it is :)”

Check out her youtube channel here:
Hey y'all! Thank you so much for your interest in working with me on my travels! I will be in the Sarasota area from January 16th-22nd and hope to book a few sessions while I'm there mentoring another photographer in the area. If you are interested in working with me, have questions or are just wanting more information, scroll past the image below and fill out the handy dandy form. I'll respond as soon as I can and I so look forward to hearing from you! :)

    Yay! You made it!

Traveling is definitely a love of mine. I dream of somewhere to go, plan the trip and I just make it happen. So of course when my family decided to head down to Florida this year for vacation, I planned on driving separately and stopped in Savannah and Charleston on my way back. I had shoots scheduled in both places, but of course had to take advantage of some sightseeing and shopping. Below are some of the places I visited, loved and recommend! Enjoy! : ) 
I've fallen in love with paperie's over the last year. They're one of my new favorite types of shops and are always so fun to incorporate into my business. Mac & Murphy is a local papery in Charleston so next time you visit, make sure to stop in! It's the cutest little shop and owned by the sweetest girls!
The Park Cafe is a little out of the way but was soo worth the trip!
Moon & Lola is a photographer's dream with all white walls and pops of color accented throughout the store. Plus who doesn't love a good monogram accessory? Girls, this is a must-visit!
By now, y'all know that I am obsessed with candles. Candlefish is quite possibly one of the coolest stores I've ever visited. They offer candle-making classes and sell a ton of different types of candles, accessories, prints and more!
The architecture and historic buildings have me swooning no matter how many times I visit!
So for all you coffee lovers out there, for every new place you visit, I dare you to try new coffee shops. They're all so darling and no one can ever have enough caffeine, especially on a Monday morning. Am I right?
The waterfront is one of my favorite spots. There are always kids splashing around in this super charming fountain and lots of runners and walkers enjoying the fresh air. It's a little tourist-y but definitely somewhere I recommend.
Whenever you visit Charleston you HAVE to catch a ride on a carriage tour. The Old South Carriage company is one I highly recommend. It's one of the best ways to see Charleston without walking for miles (especially during the summer when it's 100 degrees), is perfect for snapping beautiful pictures, making memories and they tell you all about the historic town of Charleston, which is so cool! It's so worth every penny.
I finished my Charleston trip off with a visit to the Angel Oak. I've been dying to see it but since it's on John's Island and not technically in Charleston, it can be quite a drive. BUT the drive is beautiful and the oak is just mind-blowing. It's something free to add to your itinerary!
Things I recommend that aren't pictured:
Places to eat/grab coffee:
  • TBonez Gill & Grill
  • Ben & Jerry's
  • Southend Brewery & Smokehouse (The smokehouse salad is the *best* salad I've ever had in my life and their peach Bellini and sangrias are AMAZING)
  • Belgian Gelato (King St)
  • The Daily (bomb coffee)
  • Kudu Coffee
Things to do:
  • Charleston Harbor Tours
  • Boone Hall and Plantation (Where part of The Notebook was filmed and worth every. single. penny to get in!)
  • Rainbow Row
  • Dock Street Theatre
  • White Point Garden
  • Four Corners
Places I still want to go:
  • Husk
  • Poogan's Porch
  • Folly Beach
  • Charleston Farmer's Market (if there during season on a Saturday)
  • Lost Dog Cafe
  • Magnolia Plantation and Gardens
  • Beardcats Sweet Shop

Amy's a blogger and has an amazing beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog called Bowlines and Lace. So proud of you for following your dreams, Amy! Can't wait to shoot with you again soon!

Go check her out and show her some love! 
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Instagram --> @bowlinesandlace
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I still cannot believe this girl's a senior! I ran cross country with her and her brother in high school and just can't believe how she's grown throughout the years. You're beautiful inside and out Ashley! I can't wait to see what the future holds for you!! 
I don't even know where to start when it comes to these two. Their chemistry and love for each other just shines. Easily two of the easiest people to work with ever. Nothing but a pleasure, Marcus and Maddie! : )
These two! Gahhhhh.... I can't say enough about them. I feel so fortunate to have been able to not only get to know them over this whole process, but to have also gained friends. I'm so excited for your wedding, Drew and Alyssa! Less than two months!! : )
I mean what? Like an engagement session in a canoe?! What a dream! So obsessed with this whole session!!
Alyssa, you are GLOWING. The whole time they couldn't stop smiling and laughing. Y'all are perfect for each other!!
We ended the session in a blanket fort... GUYS. WHAT A DREAM! So fun and romantic!
I honestly can't say enough about this beautiful couple. They had me laughing and smiling throughout the entire session and are just two of the most genuine people you'll ever meet. Craziest part is, they're even more beautiful on the inside than they are on the outside. Hard to believe, I know! Seriously can't wait to see where life takes the both of you!