Dakota is a stand-up guy who seems to always be putting others above himself. Once he graduates, he plans on going to school to be a helicopter med flight pilot. Can't wait to watch you grow, Dakota! Keep being your smiley self!
I was seriously SO excited for this shoot! I love the boho style and everything about it so when I mentioned it to Brooklyn, and she got excited, I was thrilled! She immediately was up for it and totally fulfilled my vision for this shoot! Definitely one of my favorites so far!
Alea, you've always had this fearless spirit and I hope that you never lose that. Being able to call you a friend is something I don't take lightly. I can't way to watch as you continue to grow not only as a person but also in your career. You're amazing and you were made for great things! Keep being you :)

"I have been very blessed thus far in my life. Blessed with a wonderful family and equally great friends. I have been blessed with opportunities to travel and see parts of the world that will forever be in my heart. I have been blessed with laughter and heartbreak, fear and success. Life is a beautiful journey if you chose to see it that way. Currently I work two jobs and will be taking college courses  to continue to work towards my bachelor's degree in business. Constantly searching for ways to grow ourselves personally and professionally is something we often quit doing at the peak of adolescence. I will never lose my passion for that adventurous spirit. That's how I hope to be remembered, a person with undying passion."