It’s not every day that you come across someone with as much talent as Felicia. Not only is she insanely beautiful (regardless of the style or outfit), but she fearlessly takes on whatever challenge is thrown her way and embraces it with grace. Felicia, I’m SO excited to see where this life takes you, what journeys you adventure into and what ways God continues to use you. Never stop being you, love!

“I have always had a love for makeup and fashion, anything creative really. It allows me to express myself in many different ways. The reason behind the name MASH style is really simple, I love ALL styles so MASH was a fun way to say I like mashing different styles at different times. My motto for fashion and makeup has always been, "If you wear it with confidence, it works!" When I created a my Instagram and Facebook page, I just started posting what I like to wear and what makeup I use and it kind of took off from there. While I wait to get back to doing makeup again on the side, I've been enjoying being creative on social networks. That's why I finally started my YouTube channel. It's free rain there where I can talk about anything I want, because if you know me, you know I love to talk. I always push being yourself and being "you" bravely. There is no one else like you with your same abilities and that is something to run with! At MASH, I celebrate ALL women, and that will never change. Where I would like to see MASH go in the future is one day having my own makeup/fashion/photography studio. For now, YouTube it is :)”

Check out her youtube channel here: